Paseo De Delicias Street, LEGAZPI

The Matadero, the best connections thanks to its proximity to the center of Madrid, the Tierno Galván park and a shopping center next to the Manzanares river

90m² funcionals

Beyome homes will revolutionize the space of your home, being able to give different uses to rooms in it. That is why we call the m² of our homes as functional.

Flexible furniture

Move the wals in your home when you need to and make the most of your living space. If you don't need a room all the time, move it!

Fully equipped

The house is fully equipped. This means that you can start enjoying it to the fullest as soon as possible.

Calle Paseo de delicias



90m² funcionales - 53m² construídos

Las viviendas Beyome revolucionarán el espacio de tu vivienda, pudiendo dar distintas utilidades a habitaciones de la misma. Por ello denominamos a los m² de nuestras viviendas como funcionales

Mobiliario flexible

Mueve la tabiquería de tu vivienda cuando lo necesites y aprovecha el espacio de tu vivienda al máximo. Si no necesitas una habitación todo el tiempo, ¡muévela!

Totalmente equipado

La vivienda está totalmente equipada. Esto hace que puedas empezar a disfrutarla al máximo en el mínimo tiempo posible.


Beyome presents a  flexible house with the flexible linear system in Paseo de Delicias street in the south area of Legazpi neighborhood.

The house is a fully equipped first floor. It has Beyome furniture with linear system, which allows to convert the house into a completely open space, in a house with 2 bedrooms or in a house with a living room and a master bedroom with the push of a button.

One of the greatest attractions of the house is its height and large windows and light, which gives it a feeling of spaciousness and a great capacity for decoration.


In addition to all this, you will have assistance with financing and you will be able to join BEYOME community. The community that will bring you multiple advantages:

It will help you with classes in wealth management, personal finance management and business management bringing you the experience of entrepreneurs with long careers in the management of their projects.

It will even give you the possibility to exchange your home with other Beyomers wherever they are in the world.

Buy your apartment in the center of Madrid, take advantage of the opportunity.


in the center of madrid

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