Beyome gives you the freedom to personalize your space based on your changing needs. Our innovative homes allow you to quickly reconfigure the design of your home, creating versatile and functional environments. Whether you need an extra work space, a guest room, or a playroom for your kids, Beyome fits the bill.

Linear or rotating, two systems, but one goal: The flexibility of your home

Rotating system

The possibilities offered by this system are to rotate and unfold all the rooms in the house with a simple and comfortable gesture.

After analyzing each case, we choose the most convenient system based on the layout of the home and the needs to ensure the best transformable experience.

Linear system

Press it gently and you will see how your house moves.

With this simple movement you can move your rooms and hide them, making the most of the space and achieving a single, larger multipurpose room.

          Both systems can be manual or automated, simply at your choice

Manual System

The manual system allows you to move the walls with a comfortable gesture. Using the best systems determined by the weight and size of the wall you will be able to move it with one hand, even by children.

Automated system

If you want to improve your transformable experience and want to incorporate the highest technology, you can have this option of motorizing your wall. What if you could enlarge your room from the sofa while you watch a movie?

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